CMIC Window and Door understands the various needs of our window clients.  Florida's severe weather and building requirements can be difficult to navigate.  Let our 15 years of experience help you choose the right window for your home or business.

Glass Types
​Hurricane/Impact Glass

Florida Building Codes require that Florida's coastal regions resist 140 mph winds.  Impact glass is manufactured with a very strong inter-layer panel that is laminated between 2 panes of glass.  Click on our hurricane zone map to check what zone your property falls under.

Insulated Glass

Insulated glass or double glazed glass is manufactured with two panes of glass separated by an air gap or gas filled space and reduces the heat transfer from the exterior glass unit.  Insulated glass will also help with noise reduction.

Low E

Low E coatings are installed during glass fabrication and were developed to reduce the amount of ultra-violet and infrared light that can pass through the glass without reducing the amount of light that is transmitted.  Low E coatings can be used with Impact glass and insulated glass.

Frame Types
Frames are available in two options typically, aluminum or vinyl.  You may ask, "what about wood"?  Wood is not currently approved for impact rated performance but wood grain laminates are available in both aluminum and vinyl.  Your frame should be carefully selected after looking at environmental, aesthetics and overall size of opening.  In general, vinyl is going to be a more energy efficient unit over an aluminum unit.  Used primarily for residential properties, vinyl has many color options and is hurricane impact rated for our coastal areas.  
 Aluminum frames typically have thinner profiles and can be used in larger openings.  The thinner profiles lead to a more modern appearance and are used in large commercial structures.  Aluminum can be is resistant to scratching, cracking and marring except when painted or powder coated.   
Ask a CMIC sales representative to find out which frame option works best for your home or business.