Water penetration into a structure represents the largest threat as a home owner or property manager.  All of the exterior elements of a property work together to create a active and passive system to protect the structure.
Active elements such as drains and gutters remove large quantities of water from the structures exterior as well as move it away from its below ground structural elements.  Improperly designed  or inoperable drains and gutters will strain the structures passive systems with large amounts of standing water or mis-directed water to the building's weaker areas.  Regular cleaning of gutters on your home and ensuring proper flow of runoff away from your foundation will go a long way in reducing problems in the future.  Commercial structures should have periodic inspections of roof drains, gutters & parking aprons to ensure no standing water is present.

Expansion Joints
Expansion joints can represent challenges for both designers and contractors.  Expansion joints need to accomodate various types of traffic from pedestrian to heavy equipment.  Other considerations are water integrity, fire rating and sanitation requirements for restaurant and healthcare environments.  All of these factors must be considered.   CMIC has over 15 years installing expansion joints in numerous structures from airports, hotels to hospitals.  CMIC can assist your design team from selection through install.