Nothing improves the aesthetic value of your home more than a custom entry door.  CMIC Window and Door can design doors to fit your existing entry or modify to add a side light or transom light above.  Let us work with you to design a great new entry to your home!
Door Types
Wood Doors

Pros:  Wood Doors provide a high end look with paint or varnish and resist wear and tear very well.

Cons:  Florida climate can be tough on wood doors.  They are expensive compared to fiberglass and steel doors.  Require regular painting or varnishing to maintain quality apperance.

Fiberglass Doors

Pros:  Fiberglass doors can be ordered with smooth or simulated wood texture.  Can be stained or painted.  They resist weathering and abuse very well.  They are moderately priced compared to wood.

Cons:  Can crack with severe impact.

Steel Doors

Pros:  They are inexpensive alternatives to fiberglass and wood doors and offer great security.

Cons:  They do not resist weather as well as wood and fiberglass doors and will dent with impact.  Scratches to surface left untreated will rust.